hazaron khwahishein aise, ki har khwahish pe dum nikle
– A thousand desires, every one worth dying for…- Mirza “Ghalib”

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I trade financial markets, using both systematic and old-fashioned chart reading. I also train and mentor on Technical Analysis, Trading Systems, Trading Strategies and Trading Psychology. I am in the Indian markets for close to 3 decades, on both the Buy and Sell sides. I’ve lead Research and I’ve Institutionally sold to Hedge funds.


  • Trading -TA based discretionary/ Rule-based trend following.
  • Trainer- for Corporate Hedging desks, MFs, Training Institutions, Professional Bodies, Brokerages – on TA, Risk & Money Management, Behavioral biases.Domain and Customer
  • Experience Expert – Full function Online and client based Trading Terminals, Data Profiling, Portfolio Management, 3rd party product integration.
  • Design, Content &Strategy – For On-web integrated trading platforms, Online Communities, Marketing and Sales-strategy and training.

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vignesh@vignesheswar.com or +91 81692 31212 / +91 98206 45654
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